Kindle Refurbished: Buy Used and Save Money

Kindle Refurbished Versus New?

Kindle Refurbished

Kindle Refurbished

Buying a Kindle refurbished is a smart way to save money. The Amazon Kindle offers touch screen and keyboard versions of their excellent eReader.

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Many people who purchase a Kindle buy a refurbished Kindle because they are certified by Amazon and work like the day they were made for much less than a new Kindle.

Refurbished Kindles are a great way to get a cheap eReader without paying the high price of the new models.  For example, are we not taught to buy used cars over brand new cars because as soon as it leaves the parking lot it has lost a large share of its value. Same could be said for eReaders. As soon as they are shipped they are old news and expect within a few months newer models to be available to the consumer.

Kindle Refurbished: Available Models

Refurbished Kindles are now available! Prices go as low as $40, which is an amazing deal for a Kindle 2. The Kindle Keyboard comes in three models: the Kindle Keyboard, the Kindle Key board 3G and the Kindle DX. The Kindle Keyboard is base model for Kindle and is equipped with a 6 inch E Ink screen, wifi, text to speech technology, a battery that will last 2 months and access to millions of titles.

The Kindle 3 G has access to the internet worldwide. This Kindle eReader, builds upon the amazing features of the Kindle Keyboard base model, making it possible to download your favorite magazines, newspapers, and book titles anywhere you are. The Kindle wi-fi also comes standard on this model. The E-ink screen provides the reader the feeling of reading a book. It has built in glare reduction technology, making it easy to read in sunlight or under any artificial light. A refurbished Kindle reader in this model is an excellent choice for any lover of books.

The Kindle DX is the big brother of the new Kindle family. People who desire a larger screen buy Kindle DX. It boasts a 9.7 inch E Ink Pearl screen, that is fantastically clear and makes reading your Kindle DX refurbished model a joy. The larger screen gives this Kindle the feel of a tablet computer. The 3G speed of this device is amazing, downloading a complete book in less than 60 seconds. The fast downloading speed makes it easy to start filling your 3500 book library.

Kindle Refurbished: New Kindle or Used Kindle?

The Kindle is one of the best eReaders out there. Whether you choose to buy a refurbished Amazon Kindle reader or a new one, you won’t be disappointed. Amazon offers refurbished Kindles that have been brought back to their original working capabilities in house. This is an excellent route to take and it will certainly save you money.

Amazon only recently started offering Kindles refurbished. This puts this top of the line ereader at a price conducive to any budget. The refurbished price beats those of any sales, making the refurbished Kindle a great choice this holiday season.

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Nook Sale-Prices Slashed On The Nook Reader

Nook Sale! A Great Price and Great Value 

Nook Sale

Nook Sale

The Nook ereader, by Barnes and Noble, set the tone and the bar for ebook ereaders.

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The color screen or e-ink screen, access to millions of Barnes and Noble titles, and the most apps of any ereader you will certainly be pleased with a Nook.  Plus, with the current Nook sale, you will find the Nook you want at the price that is right for you.

Nook Sale: Nook eReader Features

The Nook Color provides you with instant access to over 2.5 million titles, and 1 million of those titles are free! Most titles sell for less than $9.99, which gives you the opportunity to purchase more of your favorite books.

The Nook Color 3G comes with Nook wifi installed, this allows you to download books where ever you find yourself needing a great new read. The Nook Color 3G and wifi make it possible to download over 200 magazine and newspapers instantly to your Nook anywhere. This is wonderful for people who commute by train, those flying frequently or those looking for an enjoyable read in the comfort of their own home. The built in wifi does not only benefit you with instant downloads, it allows you to check your email and browse the web powered by Adobe ®Flash® Playerall all from your Nook ebook reader.

The Nook Color is a great purchase, especially at this Nook sale. The 7-inch VividView ™ Color Touch Screen provides a reading and viewing experience that cannot be matched by competitors. On your vibrant color screen of your Nook 3G you are able to personalize your home screen with pictures you can download directly to your Nook’s 8G of memory or up to 32G when you use the microSD memory card.

Nook ereaders also download, store, and play all of your favorite music. The Nook comes pre-loaded with free trials of Rhapsody, MOG and Grooveshark, plus Pandora online radio is an included app.

Nook Sale: Great Prices

The Nook Color has been selling at prices of $249, but during this Nook ereader sale, the price has been dropped to $199. That is a fantastic savings for an ereader the Chicago Sun-Times calls a “Fantastic Device”.

Color Nook sales do not come along very often, so if you desire an ereader that allows you to download music, browse the web at lightning speeds, check your email from anywhere, have your favorite magazines and newspapers at your finger tips and yes even read an ebook, all in fantastic color that cannot be matched, then do not miss out on this Nook sale.


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Google eReader Sale

Google eReader: Great Quality and a Great Price

Google eReader

Google eReader

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The Google eReader has been turning heads since its release earlier this year. The Google eReader is manufactured by iRiver and is sold under the name Story HD. This eBook reader has outstanding resolution and since it is linked to Google, you can instantly access Google’s extensive library.

Google eReader: Features

The Story HD has a similar look to that of a Kindle, with a 6 inch screen and QWERTY keyboard. The QWERTY keypad on the Story HD allows the reader to quickly search for new titles. People who have purchased this Google eBook have found the keypad to be extremely responsive and durable.

The Google eReader offers higher screen resolution than Kindle by virtue of the 16-grayscale e-ink display. The 16-grayscale display makes the letters and words appear with more clarity than ever before. The 6 inch e-ink screen on the Google reader is comparable to other ereaders in size, but has superior resolution for easier reading.

The Google ebook reader Weighs only 7.3 ounces, which allows for easy transportation. This makes it possible to take your Story HD with you anywhere. The people at iRiver used the technology at their disposal to create an ereader that lasts for an impressive amount of time. The battery lasts 6 weeks or you can flip the digital pages 14,000 times all on one charge. This is great because now you no longer need to bring your charger with you on trips, even long trips.

Google eReader: eReader Prices

As most ebook readers will tell you, the price of an ereader is dependent on features. Color ereaders can cost over $200. However, people who buy ereaders are often looking to use their device primarily for reading. Ebook readers choose The Story HD, because of it’s outstanding screen clarity and great battery life. The Story HD (the Google eReader) sells for $139.99. People who own a cheap ereader will immediately see the difference between their ereader and the Google eReader. The Story HD has faster download speeds, access to a larger library, and is easier to read and operate. While the Story HD is not the cheapest ereader it is one of the best available and is priced very well for the superior quality the device offers.

Once you have purchased you Story HD and you are looking for Google eReader books, you will find there are over 3 million titles available from the Google library that can be downloaded directly to the Story HD. The number of titles, fantastic battery life, and superior screen resolution sets this ereader apart for the rest. When people ask you what is the best ereader, you will happily tell them it is the Google eReader.

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Literati Ereader Cheap Prices

Literati Ereader Cheap Prices

Literati Ereader

Literati Ereader

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The Literati ereader is a color ereader from the Sharper Image. It boasts a 7inch LCD screen and a responsive qwerty keyboard. The best part about the Sharper Image Literati ereader is that it is selling at an extremely reasonable price.

Literati Ereader: Features

The Literati ereader comes with wireless download capabilities, which is very convenient because with over 2 million available titles, you will be downloading frequently. The device comes in black and white.  As mentioned above the ereader has a 7inch color LCD screen and has a keyboard at the bottom that is similar to that of the Kindle. The colored screen provides its own light so you can read in the dark or when the light is low. This is a huge advantage over some ereaders that are not backlit.

The Literati comes with 256 MB of built in storage, but what really sets it apart is that it has a SD memory card slot capable of storing another 8GB of books. This allows you to carry an extensive library with you where ever you go.

The Literati also has a preloaded copy of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. To get you started in your literary quest the Literati comes with 25 classic novels already on your device, plus they give you a coupon with a code for another 125 preselected titles that you can download directly to your ereader. The Literati ereader manual will ease your first use of your device.

Sharper Image Literati Ebook Reader Reviews

The price cannot be beat on the Literati ereader. It is also one of the only color devices in the price range which makes this ereader a favorite among consumers. The color screen makes it great for kids as well as adults who read magazines. The download speed is great and the device is easy to operate. The battery life is sufficient and has been great for those who have purchased the Literati.

Literati Ereader Accessories

One really handy accessory is the car and home adaptor. This allows you to charge your Literati where ever you are, because no one likes to be on the last chapter of a great book and have the battery go dead.

There are numerous case options for the Literati, hard and soft, zipper and Velcro. A case paired with a screen protector will prolong the life of your Literati.

The Literati ereader is a great deal for the price, especially at the very low price they are sold for in comparison to other devices of a similar nature. The large color screen sets it apart from black and white screens because you can use it in low light or the dark. The Literati ereader is a great deal.

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Cheap Ereader Sale

Cheap Ereader

Cheap Ereader: Spend Less Get More

cheap ereader

cheap ereader

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Looking for a cheap ereader? Many book suppliers are selling cheap ebook readers, so customers can simply buy their books in a digital format. Imagine the bookshelf space you will save!

Black, White or Color Cheap Ereader

Ereaders give you the option of the screen being in black and white (like the print in books) or color. Many people who are looking for a cheap ereader buy the black and white screen because those ereaders start right around eighty dollars. This frees up a lot of extra cash so you can splurge on all of the cheap ebook titles at the various suppliers.
The ereaders with color screens allow you to watch video and view magazines in full color. This option increases the price of the ereader, but if you are looking to use your ereader for more than reading your cheap ebook titles, than perhaps the color option is the one for you.

Cheap Ereader with Wireless Internet

Most ereaders today come with 3G or 4G wireless access already installed in the device. This allows you to download titles directly onto your cheap ebook reader. Most cheap ereader devices come equipped with 3G wireless. This is certainly fast enough to download your ebooks to your ereader in a very small amount of time. Some like the cheap Kindle device allows for some internet browsing with the 3G speed. The devices with 3G speed will be less expensive than the ereaders with 4G. The devices that have 4G usually also have color screens. The increased download speed with 4G is ideal when using your ereader to thoroughly browse the internet, watch videos or play games.

Cheap Ereader: Touch Screen and Keyboards

While looking for a cheap ebook reader you will discover that you can choose from the touch screen or keyboard version. If you are simply looking for a cheap ereader, you will likely go the keyboard route. The keyboards are usually very responsive and dependable, the only catch is you can’t control the device by touching the screen. Touch screen ereaders tend to be more expensive and often come with the color screen as well. Many people who have touch screen phones and ipods and are looking for an ereader buy the touch screen version of the different devices. The touchable screens also tend to be larger in size to accommodate the keyboard on the screen. If the size of the screen is important to you, the touchable screen may be just what you are looking for.

Cheap Ereader: You Really Can’t Go Wrong

Buying digital books is great because it saves space on your bookshelves, it saves trees by eliminating the need for paper and you can get them instantly. Like anything you can pay a bundle for an ereader, but a cheap ereader will do everything you need it to do as you browse the internet, check your email and of course…read books.

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