Kindle Refurbished: Buy Used and Save Money

Kindle Refurbished Versus New?

Kindle Refurbished

Kindle Refurbished

Buying a Kindle refurbished is a smart way to save money. The Amazon Kindle offers touch screen and keyboard versions of their excellent eReader.

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Many people who purchase a Kindle buy a refurbished Kindle because they are certified by Amazon and work like the day they were made for much less than a new Kindle.

Refurbished Kindles are a great way to get a cheap eReader without paying the high price of the new models.  For example, are we not taught to buy used cars over brand new cars because as soon as it leaves the parking lot it has lost a large share of its value. Same could be said for eReaders. As soon as they are shipped they are old news and expect within a few months newer models to be available to the consumer.

Kindle Refurbished: Available Models

Refurbished Kindles are now available! Prices go as low as $40, which is an amazing deal for a Kindle 2. The Kindle Keyboard comes in three models: the Kindle Keyboard, the Kindle Key board 3G and the Kindle DX. The Kindle Keyboard is base model for Kindle and is equipped with a 6 inch E Ink screen, wifi, text to speech technology, a battery that will last 2 months and access to millions of titles.

The Kindle 3 G has access to the internet worldwide. This Kindle eReader, builds upon the amazing features of the Kindle Keyboard base model, making it possible to download your favorite magazines, newspapers, and book titles anywhere you are. The Kindle wi-fi also comes standard on this model. The E-ink screen provides the reader the feeling of reading a book. It has built in glare reduction technology, making it easy to read in sunlight or under any artificial light. A refurbished Kindle reader in this model is an excellent choice for any lover of books.

The Kindle DX is the big brother of the new Kindle family. People who desire a larger screen buy Kindle DX. It boasts a 9.7 inch E Ink Pearl screen, that is fantastically clear and makes reading your Kindle DX refurbished model a joy. The larger screen gives this Kindle the feel of a tablet computer. The 3G speed of this device is amazing, downloading a complete book in less than 60 seconds. The fast downloading speed makes it easy to start filling your 3500 book library.

Kindle Refurbished: New Kindle or Used Kindle?

The Kindle is one of the best eReaders out there. Whether you choose to buy a refurbished Amazon Kindle reader or a new one, you won’t be disappointed. Amazon offers refurbished Kindles that have been brought back to their original working capabilities in house. This is an excellent route to take and it will certainly save you money.

Amazon only recently started offering Kindles refurbished. This puts this top of the line ereader at a price conducive to any budget. The refurbished price beats those of any sales, making the refurbished Kindle a great choice this holiday season.

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